Lessons and Weddings during Covid-19

Last year in March, I took what I thought would be a 3 week break from teaching and playing weddings, as Covid-19 restrictions were put into effect. Little did we all know that Covid would become such a long and transformative part of our lives.

The world is making progress, and the vaccine is a huge step towards eventually getting back to school, lesssons, and gathering for celebrations, but we still have a long way to go before all of our most vulnerable people are safe.

I really miss playing and teaching, and want to get back to it. This summer, I will be booking outdoor weddings only, and small gatherings only, both for my safety and the safety of others. But an outdoor, intimate wedding is a wonderful thing, and Oregon is an amazing place to find gorgeous outdoor venues! I look forward to being able to play for yours.

I also want to resume cello lessons, and as soon as vaccinations happen and the governor opens up the option I will re-start my teaching practice. Online lessons are one choice, and this summer, outdoor lessons in my spacious back yard can happen. Contact me if you have questions about either of these options.

Most of all, stay safe, and stay optimistic! Hold on to the beautiful things in life: family, smiles, music, art, laughter. See you soon!

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