8/3/19 – Wedding at First Presbyterian Church, Downtown PDX

IMG_0376Lovely church wedding at the First Presbyterian Church on 12th and SW Alder.  I had never been inside this amazing church before, and the interior is every bit as amazing as it’s exterior.  I had to get a picture of my cello with all the fantastic woodwork, curved balcony, and huge stained glass window.

Also within this church is a fully functional, massive pipe organ.  The picture I took doesn’t really communicate the actual feeling of the size; it’s definitely the centerpiece of the church.  This speaks to how central music was to worship at the time this church was built – how important it once was. What a wonderful time that must have been to experience!  Congratulations to Katie and Andrew; best wishes on a long and happy life together.


One thought on “8/3/19 – Wedding at First Presbyterian Church, Downtown PDX

  1. Aw this is so sweet – we love that photo of your cello with all of the woodwork! It was a pleasure having you part of our day, we felt so lucky to have you there. Thank you for helping make our ceremony so special!

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