9/9/19 – Wedding at Peninsula Park

Too bad this photo isn’t scratch and sniff…the scent of roses at Peninsula Park was amazing!  I got to play for a lovely couple on a lovely day in Portland, another day in paradise.  I have to say weddings in late September may be my favorite.  I also have to say I feel very honored to be aIMG_0349 part of these beautiful life events.  I’ve really been moved lately about the way couples celebrate and proclaim their love for each other.  As a wedding musician, I feel like an honored guest to witness you and your families get together to honor the amazing emotion that is love.

When I began playing weddings I thought about it in a very straight forward way; I would be playing music for wedding ceremonies.  But a major side benefit to this profession is being witness to love.  Each wedding, each couple, so unique.  To everyone for whom I have played, thank you for asking me!

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